One month Gotcha Anniversary! · November 15, 2006

One Month Gotcha Anniversary!

One month ago today our sweet baby girl was placed in our arms.  She was tiny and weak and couldn't hold her head up or sit up.  She didn't cry when she was hungry because she had learned that it didn't do any good to cry.  She didn't reach her arms up to be held because she wasn't use to being held.  She rocked herself when she was tired or upset and rarely cried.  She entertained herself by playing with her hands because it was what she did all day everyday at the orphanage.  She didn't make a peep when she woke up in the morning but instead laid quietly in her crib. She was terrified of a bath because she probably had never had a real bath. 

Boy has life changed in one month for her and us!  Now she can hold her head up, sit up, roll over both ways and is even trying to crawl.  She waves bye bye, blows kisses, smiles constantly and throws her Curious George for laughs!  :)  She can say mama, dada, George (kind of) and other baby babble.  She no longer patiently waits as I make her bottle and wakes up in the morning and starts calling "mama" to come and get her.  She now holds her arms up to be held as soon as I sit her down.  We haven't seen her rock herself since we've been home from China and now she cries (a fake cry with no tears) when she doesn't get her way.  She can still entertain helself as long as she is not alone but now it is with toys instead of her hands.  She also loves her bath now and splashes and plays the entire time she is in her little tub.  She loves to swing, play with her brother and sister, pet the dogs, be outside, go for walks in the stroller and be tickled!  Her laugh is hearty and loud and her smile melts away our every care. 

Last week was the last of her doctors appointments and she doesn't need any more shots until she is two (Thank God)!  All of her lab work has come back normal including her HIV test.  She doesn't go back to the cardiologist for another year and it looks as if her Spinal Bifida will not have any impact on her life since her spinal cord is not teethered.  Her Anemia and Rickets are gone since she has been on infant formula and she has gained weight and is now a hefty 16 pounds and 6 ounces!  She has gone from size 3-6 month clothing to 9 month clothes and it won't be long before I'll be getting out the 12 month sizes! 

Brooke and Baker have adjusted well to having a new baby in the house.  Brooke still prefers that we call her the princess and Brea the peanut princess although Brooke has given her a dozen or more nicknames in the short time she has been home (My little Pumpkin Pie seems to be the favorite right now).  Baker had a few moments of jealousy when we first got home but seems to really love his little sister.  He came into the nursery just last night and said "Wait mom, I didn't get to kiss her goodnight" just as I was laying her down in her crb.  We've decided that she gets more kisses than any other baby in history!  We've also come to realize that Brea has FOUR parents instead of two which can be a good thing and a bad thing.  The good thing is that her "little parents" are quick to jump in and entertain her while mom makes dinner or answers a call but the bad thing is that her "little parents" also don't want her to be told no and are quick to jump to her defense even if she has pulled a handful of hair from Simba's ear or!  :0)

Yes, life has changed for the entire family but what a wonderful change it has been!  Gone are the days of leisurely reading a book or taking a hot shower until the water heater is drained.  Instead they have been replaced with the sounds of Barney songs and Baby Einstein music.  Gone are the days that we decide at the last minute to catch a movie and dinner and are out the door in less than five minutes.  Now it is a major undertaking just to go to Wal-Mart for a gallon of milk...we wouldn't want to forget the floppy, the diaper bag or Brea's favorite monkey!  Our family finally feels complete.  We have our two beautiful daughters and our handsome son...each so uniqely different in their looks and personalities but just as special as the other in our hearts.  We are blessed beyond measure and are so happy that we listened to God's calling for our family. 

Enjoy the pictures!

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