Sharks, Stingrays and Seahorses oh my! · May 27, 2007

Last weekend we took the kids to the Aquarium in New Orleans for the day.  It was great because it was nice outside which meant the Aquarium wasn't busy at all.  There were times when we were in exhibits all by ourselves!  Brea was a real trooper at keeping her mask on when there were people around and the Aquarium has a nice outdoor dining area right on the Mississippi river where we were able to watch barges and riverboats going up and down the river while enjoying some tasty ice cream!  It was a great family day and a much needed break for all of us.

Brea continues to be a little monkey.  The other day I went into the laundry room to throw the bath towels in the dryer and when I came out I found the little monkey sitting on the breakfast bar!  She went from playing on the floor in the family room to sitting on the breakfast bar in less than two minutes.  As soon as I got her down she eagerly showed me how she got up there.  Needless to say, I began rearranging furniture immediately!  I'm happy to report that we've been able to keep the little monkey "grounded" since then.

It is hard to believe that Miss Brea is going to be 2 next week.  She has been through so much in her short life.  I wish I could make time stand still for all 3 of the kids.  They seem to be growing up so fast.  At least Brea is still small and all 3 of the kids are snuggle bugs.  We got Brooke and Baker's report cards in the mail yesterday.  They both made great grades and were on the honor roll but my heart sank when I read the bottom of the report cards that said they were being promoted to the 3rd and 5th grades.  Where did my babies go?

We head back out this week for Little Rock.  Brea will be having a heart biopsy on the 31st to check for rejection.  Brooke and Baker will be traveling with us since school is out for the Summer.  It will be nice to have them along to hand Brea things when she drops them or change the DVD from time to time.  NO more watching "Dora the Cowgirl" 10 times in a row!   I'm not feeling quite as stressed about this biopsy since I know what to expect but I always hate to see her get an IV and be put to sleep. Please keep us in your prayers this week for safe travels and great results from the biopsy.  It is so comforting to know that God has written each of our stories before we were ever born.  He knows the outcome of each and every test and gives us the strength to get through the bad days and His promises give us hope that makes the good days even better.   

Happy Memorial Day to all the soldiers past and present.  Your contributions and sacrifices will never be forgotten.  Each time we worship freely in a church, speak our mind or vote for an elected official we will think of you and all that you have done to insure our freedom.  God bless you and yours.

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