Happy Birthday Peanut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! · June 03, 2007

Today we celebrated Brea's 2nd birthday!  The theme was Rubber Ducky which is one of Brea's favorite things.  We had a Rubber Ducky Pinata, a "duck pond" with lots of floating Rubber Duckies, Duckie cupcakes, a Rubber Ducky birthday cake, Rubber Duckie beach balls and the birthday girl even wore an adorable little dress with Rubber Duckies on it! 

It was HOT here today with temps reaching 89 degrees!  Even though we had the table set up on the covered patio with the patio ceiling fan on high it was still HOT and we had to come in to cool off from time to time.  Poor little Brea had wet hair and rosey cheeks all day.  With Brooke and Baker being blonde and red headed they melt in the heat and they were sporting bright red cheeks too.  Needless to say, all three kids needed long baths at the end of the day!

The birthday girl is still going strong after being up for 12 hours without a nap.  She is enjoying her new Dora ball pit and sleep is just not a priority right now!  I have a feeling that she is going to sleep well when she does crach this evening.

Brea is quite the celebrity here in town.  The Baton Rouge newspaper The Advocate did a two page article on Memorial Day about her with lots and lots of pictures.   The very next day the local CBS station did a great story on the 6:00 pm news about her and just yesterday her adoption announcement was finally published in The Weekly Citizen which is our parish paper.  Thank goodness she is too young to get a "big head" or she just might be hard to live with.  :0)

Today was quite emotional for us.  There were many times when I found myself getting teary eyed just thinking how far our little Peanut has come in her short time here on earth.  She has endured more than most people will face in a life time yet she continues to smile.  There are times when I think that the look in her eyes is one of wisdom beyond her years.  She lives her life to the fullest each and every day with a smile on her face.  Thank you God for the gift of this beautiful little person in our lives.  We have learned so much from her about living in the short time that she has been with us and it is my prayer that you will continue to bless her with good health for many, many years to come. 

Happy birthday little duckling...may your days between this birthday and your next be filled with laughter, love, hugs, kisses,  learning, song, dance and all the things that you love.  You are so precious to so many people and Daddy and I consider it a great honor to be your mommy and daddy.  We love you today, tomorrow and always!

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