Check up, Picnic and Buffalo!

We've been in Little Rock and just returned home last night. Brea had her check up on Thursday and the news was great! We don't have to go back to Little Rock for FOUR WEEKS! She will see her cardiologist here in Baton Rouge in two weeks and our visit on 7/11 will be another heart biopsy but the four weeks between appoinments in LR is a BIG deal for us!

After Brea's appointment on Thursday we went over to Danny's Dad's house in Lamar for a couple of days.  The kids loved riding the buggy and we got a peak at the neighbor's new herd of buffalo.  Brea wanted to touch them and didn't understand why we couldn't get closer to them.  We also had a big game of wiffle ball and I can honestly say that I haven't played so hard or laughed so much in a very long time! 

Arkansas Children's Hospital's Heart Center had their annual picnic yesterday at the LR Zoo and we were able to be there. Now that doesn't sound like a big deal but I clearly remember a nurse telling me about the picnic while Brea was waiting for her heart and saying "Well, maybe next year you guys will be able to be there". I never expected to be there this year with our little peanut but we were and it was awesome to see the nurses, doctors, therapists and surgeons who cared for Brea and to tell them thank you again for all that they did. It was also nice to see some of the families that we met during our time there at ACH and to see how their kids are doing. Brea didn't remember anyone since she was drugged the entire time she was in the hospital but they all remembered her and it made my heart smile to hear them say how healthy she looked. All the glory goes to God for the great things He has done in Brea's life. I can't wait to see what else He has in store for this precious little miracle that He has given us.

While at the picnic I met a DJ from Little Rock who is part of the annual phone-a-thon for Arkansas Children's Hospital.  Brea's surgeon, the DJ and I were talking and she asked me how we had held our marriage together through this difficult time.  I told her that we had made the decision early on to not let this destroy our marriage but instead to let this draw us closer together as a family.  She and the surgeon agreed that they had seen many, many divorces over the years.  I walked away from the conversation feeling like the world's luckiest lady.  Here I was at the annual picnic with all three of my children and with the man that I married almost twelve years ago.  The only thing that could have been better is if it had been cooler!  :0)    I'll try to post pictures later of the picnic.

I learned that little Jalisa is still waiting on a heart (since December) so please continue to pray for her and her family. Also, please continue to pray for Brea's body to continue to accept her new heart. I got a call from a man last week who wanted to tell me that he and his church have been praying for Brea as they've followed her journey. He also wanted to tell me that he has specifically prayed for Brea's body to accept the new heart and make it her own...DNA and all! He said he really felt the Lord leading him to pray for this and felt the Lord wanted him to call me and tell me that Brea was going to need less and less medication as time goes by because her body was going to accept the heart completely. I get chills just typing this but I wanted to share it with you because it really touched my heart. I've always said that God sends us "emails" from time to time but this time I got a phone call!  I felt really bad for the gentleman after hanging up because Brea had been fussing and fighting sleep while I was trying to talk to him.   

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads and Dads to be out there.