A day at the beach · July 29, 2007

Many years ago Danny and I purchased a timeshare.  We kicked ourselves after we got home but now we are so glad we made that purchase!  We had originally made reservations for Spring break to go to Florida but of course Brea was in Little Rock waiting on a heart transplant so we couldn't go.  We cancelled our plans and didn't give it a second thought until long after we were home with Brea.  Well, I called to see if there was any way we could still use our week and much to my surprise we could but it had to be before the end of the year!  So, for $139 we were able to exchange our timeshare through Interval International and we are now in Florida for some much needed family time!

Today we went to Siesta Key Beach near Sarasota.  Brea got a good look at the ocean for the first time.  She LOVED the water and had a blast playing in the sand.  Baker caught a little fish in a sand bucket and Brooke spent much of her time filling a little pail with sand and dumping it out so Brea could squish it.  Afterwards Danny took Brooke and Baker to the pool while I put Brea down for a nap. 

We've really been looking forward to this time away.  I pray that God uses this week to make our family even stronger than it was before this crisis.  So far we are off to a great start!  Brooke and Baker were such troopers through this whole ordeal and I am so happy that we are able to do something fun for them before they go back to school in a few weeks.  Please pray for safe travels for us and continued good health as we spend time getting to know each other again as a family of five!

I'll  be adding pictures from today a little later this evening so please check back.

Blessings from Florida,

Mary W.