Its a small world afterall... · July 30, 2007

Last night we had the opportunity to have dinner with another family from our agency who also adopted from China.  Anita and I have "known" each other from the Bethany forum for a couple of years now but this is the first time we have had the opportunity to meet.  It was a real treat.  They are a super sweet family and we really enjoyed thier company.  The little girl that they adopted from China was also a Bethany Child of Promise (special needs) and we actually requested her file to possibly be matched with her before we were matched with Brea.  Anita and I talked last night about how these girls fit so perfectly in thier families and how obvious it is that God's hand was in the decision to match these girls with the families that they have become part of.  Brea and Kaylin had such a good time together and both girls share something that very few two years old have...a "boo boo" on their chest from open heart surgery.  I'm attaching a few pictures of the girls from last night as well as some photos from the beach that I didn't get around to last night...enjoy!

"Mouse, mouse, mouse"...that is what we heard all morning from little Miss Brea when we told her we were going to Magic Kingdom.  I must say that seeing her face when she saw Mickey and Minnie for the first time was priceless!  The kids were so sweet to agree to go to the little kid rides for Brea.  Her first ride was Dumbo and she LOVED it!  We heard lots of "Wee and Whoa" from her and she did not want to get off when it was over.  Every time we passed by the ride she was ready to go again.  Needless to say, we got to a point where we were avoiding any path that would put Dumbo within eye shot of the Peanut.

When we made it to the Its a Small World ride she was starting to fade a little but as soon as she saw the dancing figures and heard the music she came to life again and she really enjoyed the ride.  We were lucky enough to be in the front seat of the boat and she was able to stand up and dance a little which is one of her favorite things to do. 

We ended the day by watching the parade on Main Street and Brea and Baker passed out on the way home.  I think we will all sleep well tonight.  We owe a great big thank you to our dear friend (you know who you are) for the great tickets.  I can honestly say, after seeing the look on Brea's face today, these tickets are pricelss!

As I sign off for the evening I'd like to ask you to keep us in your prayers for continued safe travels and continued good health.  Brea is doing great and we are making every effort to keep her cool, comfy and hydrated but it is hard in the heat of summer in Florida.  Brooke and Baker have always melted in the sun so we are old pros at the sunblock ritual but we are finding that Asian skin is harder to keep protected.  No matter what I use, Brea still seems to get a little sun.  She doesn't turn pink, just brown.  So, as silly as it may sound, please also pray that we are able to find something to keep her protected from the sun.

Thank you God for this precious time together as a family.   



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