We made it! · September 01, 2007

It was a LONG trip but we are finally here.  The truck is unloaded and boxes line the walls and are stacked 3 and 4 high in every direction that you look.  It doesn't feel like home yet but I guess as we unpack and start to see some of our things it will start to feel more and more like home. 

Baker was the first to make a new friend.  While the truck was still bieng unloaded, he was meeting the little boy two doors down.  They road bikes all afternoon and Baker is trying to teach his new friend how to skateboard.  Brooke on the other hand is not as eager to make any new friends.  I think she feels it would be disloyal to her best friend Hayden in Prairieville.  We've talked about the old song "Make new friends but keep the old" but I think it is going to take time for Brooke.  Maybe once school starts next week she will meet a few girls.  Brea is doing great!  She was glued to my hip until she saw her play kitchen come off the moving truck.  All of a sudden she wanted down!  We unpacked a couple of her boxes of toys and once she saw her singing puppy all was good in her little life. 

SEVERAL of the neighbors have stopped by to say hello.  There are LOTS of kids on our street including several two years olds and lots of little boys.  There seems to be a shortage of girls but from what I understand, there are some on other streets around Brooke's age.  We met the neighbors right across the street from us and learned that he is an orthodontist!  I can cross that off of my "To Do" list for next week and go ahead and set up Brooke's September appointment with him to check her braces. 

Next weekend there is a pig picking on our street.  For those of you not familiar with what this is...a whole hog is roasted and all the fixings are served along side it.  The pig is usually sporting a shiny Red apple in his mouth which should be just enough to send our animal loving Brooke running for home traumatized for life.  I giuess I'll offer to make her plate for her in hopes of avoiding the tears and drama. 

I must say that we are already enjoying the cooler tempatures here.  It is dipping down in the 60's tonight and it has been pleasant here all day today.  As much as we loved the people of South Louisiana, I won't miss the humid heat!

On a final note...Danny learned today that a good friend of his drowned yesterday while boating.  He leaves behind two young children and a wife.  Please be in prayer for his family and friends as they prepare to say thier final goodbyes.  Danny said that he and Randy had talked about thier faith and beliefs many times and he knows without a doubt that Randy was a Christian and that somehow makes this senseless tragedy seem a little better.  He will miss his friend but knows that someday they will meet again in Heaven.

Well, these boxes are not going to unpack themselves so I better get going.  Goodnight from Wake Forest, NC.