Another new church...a much different experience! · October 07, 2007
Last weekend we were out of town so we didn't get to visit a new church but our search continued today with much better results. Even before we moved here we were invited to visit a local church by one of Danny's coworkers. This morning we did and we had a much different experience than we did two weeks ago. We received a warm welcome and even though Brea was wearing her little mask, no one stared or pointed and everyone was very kind. We even met several people who had prayed for Brea during her hospitalization. It felt so good to be able to meet them and thank them in person for their prayers.

I must admit that it has been very tough to get everyone motivated on Sunday morning to try another new church. Baker announced at breakfast this morning that he just doesn't want to go to church anymore since he can't go to "his" church in Louisiana. Of course Danny and I were quick to remind him that that was not an option and that he would be going to church. Brooke saw that there was no point in protesting going to church but had a slight meltdown when I told her that she had to wear a dress. Rolling Eyes I'm not sure if her meltdown was really about the dress or the fact that she wasn't going to "her" church. We keep reminding them that we all felt the same way when we first moved to Louisiana but that is long forgotten and all they can think of now is all that they have left behind. We are all guilty of comparing everything to our beloved church in Prairieville but Danny and I are trying hard to not do it in front of the kids.

I'd like to ask you to pray for a special little girl that I came to know while Brea was in the hospital in Little Rock. Her name is Maria and she will be having heart surgery in the morning to repair an ASD. From what I understand the procedure is fairly routine but when it is your child there is nothing routine about any surgery so please keep her and her family in your prayers. I'll update when I hear how the surgery went.

On a final note...little Miss Brea discovered frosting tonight at dinner! She has never shown any interest in dessert but tonight at dinner she decided to taste the frosting on Danny's cake and before long she had it all over her face! We all laughed at her and the more we laughed the more fun she had with the spoon and frosting! For most folks this wouldn't be a big deal but for us it is. We have learned to celebrate the small things in life and a spoon full of frosting is something to be celebrated! Just seeing the smile on her face was worth the extra five minutes it took to get it all out of her hair and off her face! She truly enjoyed herself almost as much as we enjoyed watching her!

Goodnight from Wake Forest where it has been a very nice Sunday indeed.