Pumpkin Carving 2007 · October 29, 2007

Tonight was the night that the kids have waited for...we carved the pumpkins!  The kids hollowed the pumpkins out and drew the faces and I actually did the cutting.  As you can see, they really enjoy fishing out the seeds and getting all messy!  Last year at this time we had just returned from China with Brea and she was not big enough to participate in making the jack-o-lanterns but this year she was really into it!  She had a ball scooping out the seeds and even tasted some of the stringy stuff before I could catch her...Yuk!  Brea likes her pumpkin so much that she even gave it a kiss and hug before we put it out on the front steps.  Too cute!  :)

Here are a few pictures...Enjoy!

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Brea cleaning out her pumpkin.
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