Update - February 22, 2007
It is Thursday, 2/22/07 and we had a bit of encouraging news today. Brea's ventilator was turned down to 30% Oxygen and 20 breathes per minute. She is taking a few breathes on her own above and beyond what the vent is doing for her. Her labs look good but she does have some "junk" (as the nurse calls it) in her lungs. They are increasing the breathing treatments and trying new things to get rid of it so I hope to hear that she is clear in the morning. She will have another echocardiogram on Friday morning and we will know then if she is making any progress with the heart decreasing in size as well as the ability to function.

Thank you for continued prayers. God is so good and we are praising Him today for Brea's baby steps in the right direction.

Oh more thing...she made poo last night for the first time in more than a week! They call it a "code brown" here in ICU. Wink