Update-February 27th

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update the website for a couple of days.  Danny had to go back to Baton Rouge and had to take the laptop with him.  He sent my laptop to me Fedex and it just arrived this afternoon. 

The last couple of days have seen no real changes.  Brea's condition remains stable but critical.  She continues to takes breaths on her own with the ventilator in the back up mode.  An echocardiogram was done on Monday and there has been no improvement in function so we met with the transplant team.  There are many things that must happen before a transplant can be done including blood work, CT scans, sonograms, dental exams, etc.  The team hopes to have all of her results in by Wednesday and to have her listed on the national registry by the end of the day.  We have been told that we could wait hours for a heart or months.  We have also been told that Brea has type B+ blood and she could accept a heart from a donor with B or O blood types. 

The hardest part of hearing that your child needs a transplant is knowing that in order for that to happen another family will need to make a difficult choice in their darkest hour.  I cannot pray for a heart for my child but I can pray for the family that will make the choice to give life to somehow find comfort in knowing that their gift is truly a gift of life.

It has now been 12 days since I last held my sweet girl and I think this is by far the hardest part of this entire experience.  She is old enough to know that she wants to be held but too young to understand why I can't pick her up.  She looks at me with her big brown eyes as if she is asking me to hold her and take the tubes and wires away.  It is heartbreaking.

Tonight when the cardiologist made his rounds I asked him what the chances were of her recovering without surgery and his answer was "10-20%".  I told him that we are still praying for a miracle and he pointed out to me that those percentages were science related and did not include God's miracles.  Please pray that God has a miracle in store for our Brea.  Please pray that when the doctors look at the next echocardiogram they will be amazed at what they see and will have no other explanation other than GOD!  God made her little heart and He knows exactly what to do to heal it.  I am praying that He will use Brea heart as a tool to make believers out of those that might not believe otherwise. 

Thank you for your continued prayers...we do feel them.  Our strength through this ordea is coming from our faith and the scripture that tells us to put our trust in Him and not in man.  The doctors can make predictions but science can't explain miracles.

I'd also like to thank our Baojibabes Yahoo group for helping with our meal expenses while here.  Trust me, it adds up quickly and every little bit helps.  You guys are the best!

Goodnight from Little Rock.