Update-Sunday, March 4th-Another long day

Today was another long day for Brea.  The doctors decided to add two oral medications for her heart but she didn't tolerate them well.  Her heart rate and blood pressure dropped to dangerous levels and she was given fluids and epinephrene.  She is now comfortable again and resting but it became very clear that her little heart is just not ready for such a change. 

It was very hard to say goodbye to Danny and the kids today.  It was so nice to be together even if it was for just a short time.  It seemed as if the kids had grown a couple of inches in just the two weeks since I last saw them. 

I'd like to ask you to continue to pray for our little peanut and also for the other families here at ACH.  There are so many families here that are just like ours.  We may not be the same race, from the same city or even from the same religious backgrounds but we have one thing in common...we all are hurting for a child that we love that is sick.  We are all sleeping in the family waiting room of the cardiovascular ICU on pull out chairs and living out of a small bag of personal items and clothes but it is home to us for now.  There is a Ronald McDonald house across from the hospital but we all feel the is too far away from our little ones who might need us at a moments notice.  We have prayed together, cried together and even just sat quietly together when there is nothing left to say.  One family has been here for 9 weeks and their 4 year old has had 4 operations over the last 4 years.  One family has recently been asked to consider discontinuing life support for their 3 year old and one grandmother has been here for 9 months with her grand baby that has never been home.  Many of us are holding onto the hope that Christ gave us when he died on the cross 2000 years ago.  Without that hope I'm not sure that I could get through another day.  I am thankful for God's promises and for this opportunity to share His love with those that I am sharing living quarters with right now.  Who knows...maybe someones heart will be changed and they will become a believer because of what they will witness here in this crowded waiting room. 

Praying for a better tomorrow.  Good night from the CVICU Family Waiting Room.