Update (4/17) Poor Brea is having withdrawals :0(
Today has been a rough day for Brea. It started off great with an interview with a reporter for the Arkansas Democrat. She was all grins and giggles but it seems to have gone down hill from there. She has been on a dosage schedule to taper off her Methadone and Adavan and I believe she is going through withdrawals. She WON'T take a nap (insomnia from the steroids) yet she is so fussy. She wants to be held and then she wants to get down. If I didn't know better I would think she was a hormonal teenager with the mood swings she is having. Please pray that her little body will adjust to the new doses of the Methadone and Adavan and that she will soon be off of them.

On a positive note...we now have a place to stay that is just minutes away from the hospital. It is a two bedroom apartment and it will allow our entire family to be together when they are here. I never thought I'd be excited about being an apartment dweller again after being a homeowner for the last 12 years but right now that apartment sounds like a castle to me!

Keep praying for good results for Thursday's biopsy and for the children still at ACH who are waiting on their own miracles.

I'm off to watch Barney with Brea for the 10th time (no kidding...10 times!). That big Purple guy seems to be the only thing she is not upset with today. Confused