Mother's Day 2007

Mother's Day has come to an end.  Brooke and Baker are sleeping quietly in their beds and Brea is passed out on the sofa...I've tried to move her several times with no luck so now I sit and wait while she falls into another deep sleep and I can gently scoop her up and sneak her into her crib without waking her.  It was a beautiful day here and we spent the entire day together.  We played a game, watched a movie, cooked out and sat together around the dinner table as a family.  I could ask for nothing was a perfect Mother's Day.  But as the day draws to a close my thought turn to two special women that I most likely will never know and the gifts that they have given me.  The first is Brea's birthmother.  She gave Brea the gift of life and gave me the beautiful little girl that I now call my daughter.  I wonder if she is thinking of Brea today.  Is she wondering what she looks like and what her laugh sounds like?  I pray that God will give her a sense of peace and somehow she might know that Brea is loved and being well cared for.  The second woman is Brea's donor's mother.  She gave Brea the gift of life when she made the decision to donate her child's organs.  Today is her first Mother's Day without her child...the first of many to come.  I can't pretend to know how sad she must be today but I pray that God will also give her a sense of peace and somehow she might know that her decision has given Brea a new lease on life.  I don't think I will ever celebrate Mother's Day without thinking of these two women and someday when Brea is old enough to understand these two special gifts I will share with her my thoughts and prayers for these ladies in hopes that she too will lift them up to the Lord in prayer.  We may never know their names or circumstances but He does.  Yes, it has been a wonderful Mother's Day and the gifts that I've received from these two women are more than anyone could ever ask for in a lifetime. 

Goodnight and Happy Mother's Day.