The countdown is on! · August 23, 2009

We arrived in Nanchang, China around 2:00 pm on the 23rd (1:00 am at home).  It is HOT here and the Chinese are known to not use air conditioning even if it is available.  We were met by our driver and got to see quite a bit of Nanchang on the 50 minute drive to the hotel.   Nanchang is a city of 4.5 million people and there are cars, bikes, mopeds and pedestrians everywhere!  We had forgotten about the crazy driving in China so we were a bit shocked when we glanced up and saw a large tour bus in our lane going the wrong direction.  No problem...our driver went to the left (on the wrong side of the road) and avoided a collision.  One thing I do remember from our first trip to China is that the drivers here love their horns and our driver certainly knew how to use it!  When we arrived at our hotel we checked in and went to our room where we found a sweet little white crib with pink sheets, a stroller, a baby bathtub and a potty chair for Bailey.  Seeing those things really made us start to realize that in less than 24 hours we are going to be the parents of four children!!!  How exciting!  

Tonight we will have dinner with our travel mates and attorney and learn all the details of Gotcha day.  Hopefully by this time tomorrow I will be sharing photos of Bailey with you!  Until then, please continue to pray!