An update and new photos of Bailey at 30 months · May 07, 2009

We requested an update on Bailey and today we got it!  Here is what we learned...

She is still living in foster care

She is 26.5 pounds and 34 inches tall (only 2.5 pounds lighter than Brea and 3 inches shorter!)

She is developmentally on target

She is still drinking formula from a bottle

She goes potty on her own with  a little assistance

She is quiet but active at times

She loves cartoons and toys

She sleeps alone in her own small bed

It is hard to see how big she is getting and to know that she is growing up without us.  We cannot wait to put a smile on her sweet little face.  With each new picture and update we get more anxious to travel to China to be united with our daughter.  She has no clue that her life is about to change.  She has probably never been in a car or stayed in a hotel.  She has probably never eaten dinner out or shopped in a mall for clothes of her own.  She has probably never met westerners or seen blondes or red heads.  Yes, her world is about to change.  She will leave the only life she knows and be united with her forever family.  We will take her back to the hotel which will serve as our home for a couple of weeks.  She'll eat her first meals with her new family in the hotel restaurant and she will take her first plane ride.  We'll shop for special keepsakes to remind her of her homeland when she is older and she'll meet her blonde sister and red headed brother.  It will be scary and it may take a while before we see her smile for the first time but it will come because love and kindness are universal languages that are understood by even the youngest child.

Enjoy the photos of our beautiful daughter...Bailey Faith Huanying Wusterbarth!




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Bailey at 30 months. I can't wait to put a bow in her beautiful hair!!!
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