More photos... · February 23, 2009
Is that Brea or a flamingo?
Is that Brea or a monkey?
Our little peanut sitting in her "flowers"
Ready for her prescool field trip to Marbles Children's Museum
Brea the bus driver!
Brea and her friend Callie
Brea planting and picking flowers at the children's museum
You would think this kid would run from anything to do with doctors and hospitals but NO, she saw the ambulance at the museum and she grabbed a doctors coat and stethascope and went to work on the patient in the ambulance!
Brea and her buddy Nikoa playing pirates!
Brea the fox! Face paint is washable, right??? This paint took two days to wash off!
A girl after my own heart...driving a red convertable!
"Hello Daddy...Mommy says it is time to go. Can we stay a little longer?"
Maybe Brea will be our gardener...Mommy sure can't grow anything!
Brooke got an award from her Language Arts teacher! Way to go Brookie!!! Brooke was not feeling well that day (a bad cold) but she insisted on going to school since she knew the honor roll awards would be handed out. She did not know about the language arts award but mommy and daddy did (her teacher had called us) and we were there to applaud her!
Busted with her feet on the sofa in the sunroom!
Clowning around!
Brea collecting treasures in her tricycle trunk!
Oops...she had her first fall out of the big girl swing! I didn't think she would get up and try it again but she did!