Bailey's stubborn side and Brea's tummy troubles · September 27, 2009

We've been a family of six for a little over a month now and day by day we are learning more about Bailey.  In the beginning she was quiet and very eager to please.  She put on her shoes when we asked her to and she went to sleep when we put her in her bed.  Now that we have all gotten to know each other better we are seeing another side of Bailey...the stubborn side!  When she is not ready to go to bed (lets face it...what 2 year old is ever ready to go to bed?) she will arch her back, kick her feet, hit and scream at the top of her lungs.  When you put something on her plate that she doesn't care for she will cross her arms over her chest and refuse to eat anything at all.  If Brea has a toy that she wants she will take it and hit Brea if Brea trys to hold onto it.  Poor Brea doesn't know what to think.  One mintue her little sister is sweet and funny and the next minute she is hitting, screaming and taking things away from her.   It is obvious that her foster mother let her eat whatever she wanted.  Yesterday when I sat her breakfast in front of her she got down from the breakfast bar and walked to the pantry.  She pointed to the treat basket (where the lollipops are kept) and grunted like a little caveman.  When I told her she couldn't have candy for breakfast the drama began.  She threw herself in the floor and cried for a good ten mintues (most likely because she hit her head on the ceramic floor when she threw herself down).  When she realized that I wasn't going to give in she climbed back up to her seat at the breakfast bar and ate her eggs and fruit.  She is a very smart and funny little girl but she has a temper like none of our other kids have ever had.  Our attorney told us that the kids from Nanchang are often called "spicey" because they are known to like hot and spicey foods and they have spicey tempers...I think I'm starting to believe him.   Bailey and Brea are having lots of fun together.  They love to draw with sidewalk chalk, play with the hoola hoops, play with the farm, play dress up and chase each other around the house.  Poor Bailey doesn't yet realize that her mommy is as stubborn as she is.  After three kids I've learned to block out the crying so that doesn't wear me down to giving in to her.   I think she is starting to catch on because her fits are not lasting as long as they were just a few days ago.  Only time will tell how long it will take her to figure out what things are negotiatable and what things are not.

For the last two weeks or so Brea has been battling tummy troubles.  Up until Friday night she had not had a fever and we thought she had picked up a tummy virus or ate something that didn't agree with her but that didn't really make sense because the troubles came and went.  Well, Friday night she began to run a fever and we made our third visit to the pediatrician this week on Saturday morning.  We left with the supplies to collect stool samples (thanks honey for doing the dirty deed) and we will be dropping those off at the lab in the morning.  She has lost some weight (almost a pound) and that has us worried.  At 28 pounds she really can't afford to lose weight.  Please pray that the lab has some answers for us and that there is an easy fix to her problem.  I'll update when I have some answers.  Until then, enjoy the photos.


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