Christmas tree cookies and a Christmas parade! · December 13, 2009

Last night the girls and I baked Christmas tree cookies.  The little girls were VERY excited and wore their aprons for a couple of hours anticipating the cookie baking!  Brooke was a great help.  She showed the girls how to space their cookies on the cookie pans while I snapped pictures.  I think the girls ate the cookies as fast as they came out of the over and what they didn't eat their brother and dad were happy to take care of for them. 

Today we attended the Gonzales Christmas parade.  This was Brea and Bailey's first parade!  They were not sure what to think and were getting a little frustrated while waiting on the parade to begin.  Of course, once the parade began they had a ball.  Baker was happy to show them the ropes and before long they were waving and catching beads, candy and other goodies like an old pro!  Brooke rode on her dance school's float and got a nice little sunburn on her cheeks.  When the parade was over the girls giggled all the way home holding their bags of goodies and playing with the beads that they caught.

Enjoy the photos.

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Baking Christmas tree cookies
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