Updated Photos of Bailey Faith...21 months old! · September 05, 2008

Today we recieved a wonderful surprise!  Our agency requested an update on Bailey on 9/2 and today we got two new photos (taken 9/5/08 in China) of her and learned that she is 22 pounds, 31.5 inches tall and has 8 teeth on top and 8 on the bottom at 21 months of age.  I can't help but think that she looks sad in her photos.  I can't wait to put a smile on her little face! 

Brea is only 26 pounds (fully dressed) and is about 34.5 inches tall so they are very close in size even though Bailey is almost 18 months younger than Brea.  Of course, the measurements could be off a little.  When I showed Brea her photos today she got very excited and said that "Baywee needs pigtails"! 

Here are the photos....enjoy! 

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Close Up of Bailey Fiath at 21 months of age...taken 9/5/08
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