October 28th-Brooke's 10th Birthday Party · October 28, 2006

Brooke's 10th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Brooke's 10th birthday at the Artistico Express in Baton Rouge.  It is hard to believe that 10 years ago we became parents for the first time.  Our home changed overnight from a house that revolved around a little poodle named Molly to a home filled with bottles, bibs, Barney videos and a precious little girl name Brooke. 

Brooke, you introduced us to the joys of parenthood and we cannot remember what we did with ourselves before having children.  You and your brother (and now your little sister too) have given us so much joy and have filled our home with laughter, more than a few sibling arguments and too many toys to count!  The labor pains and colic are a distant memory and we would do it all again in a heartbeat to have you in our lives.  It is an honor to be your mother and I can't wait to see what special plans God has for you.  I know that He has given you a compassionate and caring heart for animals and children so that you will do something great with your life.  Never forget for one minute that you are loved and that your biggest fans (mommy and daddy) will always be here to cheer you on!

Happy Birthday Princess!

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Brooke with her special birthday plate
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