Update - Sunday, 2/18/07 4:06 PM

Brea's cardiologist was just here and did an echocardiogram.  Her heart has decerased in size a bit and the function is returning to the left side little by little.  She is still in critical condition but these signs are very promising that she won't need a heart transplant.  She will continue to be in the ICU for at least another week because she is still on the ventilator, feeding tube and cath. They removed the tube from her tummy today that was draining the blood caused by the tubes being inserted.  It was nice to see something being taken away instead of something being added!

Please continue to pray for Brea and for the medical team caring for her.  The PICU team here at Our Lady of the Lake is excellent and I feel she is in very capable hands.  I will udate again with any new news.