Update-March 1st-We have a beeper!

The doctor has been in as well as the transplant team and the news is good! ALL of Brea's tests are back and she has officially been listed on the national registry for a new heart! There was talk of listing her for a mismatch heart which means she could take a heart from a group other than B or O since she is under 2 and her immune system is not fully developed BUT because she has been exposed to quite a bit of stuff (probably in the orphanage) she has too many antigens built up to qualify for the mismatch heart program. The GREAT news is that the transplant team has decided that they will only accept a perfect match heart because they want to give her every chance to heal on her own. So, we have the beeper and now we wait on healing or a heart. There is something very surreal about being handed a pager and told "we will beep you if we have a heart". Shocked

The other news is also good. In the next few days or week the doctors are going to try to ween her off of the ventilator since she is on minimal support at this time. It would be best for her to be off the ventilator when she has surgery because her lungs would be stronger because they had been working on thier own.

I'll be sure to keep everyone posted daily on Brea's condition. Please continue to bathe her in prayer as we wait as well as to pray for the donor's family.