Update-March 9th-Itsy Bitsy Spider · March 09, 2007
It is Friday (3/9) and the doctors have been in to see our sweet girl. She is doing well and they decided to start her on the Captopril blood pressure medicine that they tried last Sunday (with bad results). It made me nervous and I asked about the incident last weekend but they said they would only be starting one new medicine this time instead of the two. Well, I'm happy to report that it was started and she is doing great with it. The fear was that her blood pressure would drop to dangerous levels but it hasn't!

The doctor explained that Brea has some valve issues (leaking) due to the size of her heart now so please be in prayer that those valves will stop leaking and work exactly like God designed them to work. She will have another echocardiogram on Monday and like I've said before...I hope and pray the doctors are amazed at what they find!

I've had several people (nurses, other parents, etc.) ask me if I'm angry at God or if I've asked Him why this happened to us. My answer to that is simple...I don't know why this happened but He does. Looking back over the last 10 years I think God was preparing mine and Danny's lives for this very event. When Brooke was born I ended up quiting my job to be a stay at home mom because I couldn't leave her. I'm not sure which part of our brain we used to make that decision because financially it could have been a disaster BUT we trusted in the Lord to provide for all our needs and with a good budget, a few lifestyle changes and some creative thinking we made it work. 34 months after Brooke came along we were blessed with Baker and as many of you know, he had Kawasaki Syndrom which damaged his heart and comprimised his immune system so he could not go to daycare but once again, everything worked out because I was already a stay at home mom. I learned a lot about the workings of the heart and administering his medication but most importantly I learned that every child needs an advocate and God had chosen me to be Bakers. Here we are 7 years later and it is very clear to me now why God chose Brea to be part of this family. He knew that she would need us and the care she is receiving here at ACH. No, I won't ask God why...I'm not angry at Him...I trust Him and I know that He knows why. God is so good to us and I am so grateful for the wonderful week He has given us.

On a funny note...a new cardiologist came in to see Brea this morning and when I was done asking him my little list of questions, he asked me if I work in the medical field. I laughed and said "No, my credentials are just those of a mom". Laughing

Last night Brea decided that she wanted to play Itsy Bitsy Spider. I sang it once and did the motions along with her and when we were done she signed for "more" so we did it again. She smiled and clapped when we were done. Afterwards we played patty cake and then she fell fast asleep. Thank you Lord for that precious gift of time with my sweet girl. Those 15 or 20 minutes were more precious than gold to me.

I'm going to download some pictures later today that I've taken over the past few weeks. I'll try to have them on our website later this afternoon. (Wusterbarth in last name search field).

Please continue to pray specifically for increased heart and lung function and for the little valves in her heart to stop leaking. Please also remember Danny and the kids in your prayers. Playing Mr. Mom has been tough on Dad. Afterall, school, dance, karate, homework and the majority of discipline has been my job over the years. Grandma and Grandpa and there helping but no one takes the place of mom and I think they are letting them know it. Sad

So long for now from the the heart center at ACH.

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Brea on Friday, March 9th, 2007 after a good day!
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