Update-March 11th-I HELD HER!!!!!!!!!! · March 11, 2007

Today has been an amazing day.  I got to hold Brea for about 3 and a half hours!  It was a major ordeal to move her but once the tubes and wires were situated she rested comfortably in my arms.  I told Dr. Buddha that his new name is "Santa" since to me it felt like Christmas here today.

Brea developed a problem with her new blood pressure medicine during the night and the doctor had to lower the dose.  Her systolic rate dropped in the 50's so they went back to a half dose which should still give her heart a better chance to recover since this medicine dialates the vessels and makes it a little easier for the heart to push the blood through.  They also cut back on her Fentanyl which keeps her pretty sedated since she slept for almost 24 hours straight and gave me a good scare...I was thinking the worst but it turned out to be a bad case a mixed up days and nights and too much Fentanyl.

Today Brea got a chance to "brush" her teeth with help from our nurse Julie.  I had stepped out to call Danny so Julie snapped a couple of pictures with my camera (Thank you Julie!).  We have been so impressed with the nursing staff here at ACH.  Not only are they professional and very knowledgable about the heart, they are also very sweet and loving.

We have become friends with a couple staying in the waiting room with us whose names are also Mary and Daniel (spooky, huh?).  Their son (Judah) is three and is here for his fourth surgery to correct a congenital heart defect.  Today the Make A Wish foundation granted his wish and had Jeremey Camp (Christian singer) come to visit him.  He is in Little Rock in concert with Steven Curtis Chapman tonight at Winter Jam.  Judah was so excited  and when Jeremy Camp stopped singing Judah signed for "more".  Judah's dad is a college minister and they are a very special family.  They have been here for almost 3 months and as much as I'm sure they'd like to go home, I just know that God has a reason for them being here. 

Life in the waiting room keeps things interesting around here.  We have a group of young parents who like to party.  They have children here in the cardiovascular intensive care unit  yet they feel the need to leave and go out  "clubing" at night.  It would be easy to get upset with them for leaving their precious children when they need them the most but instead I'd like to ask you to pray for them.  Please pray that God would speak to their hearts and give them the desire to be the parents that He would have them to be. 

On a final note...we take for granted getting in the car on Sunday and spending time in our church but I want to tell you that I will never take that for granted again.  I miss our church family so much.  I miss the music, the messages, the smiles on the faces of our fellow members and the feeling that I leave with each week.  I pray that it won't be long before Brea and I are back at River and Brea is once again "singing" at the top of her lungs and raising her little arms in praise.  Sorry Garnett, but I can't wait until she can once again distract you during a sermon.  :0)  Every time a little one crys during service or giggles a little too loud, don't be annoyed or aggravated...give thanks for their little voices and smile because you had the honor of being there to hear it!

And Debbie...of course I remember you!  Who could forget your sweet smile!

Goodnight from one happy mommy in Little Rock.


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