Surgery scheduled for 11/19 @ 7:20 AM ***UPDATED*** · November 18, 2008

Two weeks ago we had Brea's hearing tested.  The test showed that she has a "mild to moderate" hearing loss in both ears.  The cause of the hearing loss seems to be fluid built up behind the ear drum.  Since she has already had seven ear infections this year the ENT decided that it was time for tubes in her little ears.  For most kids this is a simple procedure but with Brea nothing is simple.  Instead of doing the surgery at an outpatient surgery center they will admit her and do it at the hospital.  If all goes well she will be released tomorrow afternoon.  Please join us in praying that her heart beats strong and steady and that there are no complications during or after the surgery.  Also, please pray for the surgeon and the medical staff caring for her.   I will update as soon as I can on Wednesday.  As always, thank you for your prayers for our sweet girl. 


WE ARE HOME!!!  We arrived at the hospital at 5:20 AM and they took her into surgery around 7:15 AM.  Dr. Wilkins came out about fifteen minutes later to tell us he was done and she was headed to the recovery room.  By the time they took us to the recovery room she was sitting up in bed eating a purple popsicle!!!  Dr. Wilkins said there was a lot of fluid in her ears and lots and lots of scar tissue from past ear infections that probably went untreated when she was in China.  We will go for a follow up visit and hearing test in a couple of weeks and he expects there to be some improvement since the fluid is gone but we will have to wait and see if her hearing is completely restored.

Thank you for your prayers for Brea (and mom and dad to).  Brea will be having a heart biopsy on Monday at Duke University.  Please pray that she does equally as well then as she did today.  I'll post those results when we get them Monday evening.  Until then...stay warm, hug your children and never forget that life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.