Happy Halloween! · November 01, 2009

This year Halloween was a bit different.  For the first time ever Brooke did not go trick or treating with us.  She was invited to a friends house for a sleepover and Halloween party and she chose to go to that instead of trick or treating with mom and dad.  It was hard to let her go but I know they have to grow up some time.  The rest of the Wusterbunch spent the evening at our block party.  Bailey was all for dressing up in her costume but once we were outside and she saw everyone else dressed up we could tell that she was more than a little confused!  She wasn't a fan of the hay ride and I think it had a little to do with the straw sticking her through her tights and the fact that she was more than an arms length from mommy and daddy and she was sitting next to kids she didn't know who were dressed funny!  She was really confused when the wagon stopped and everyone jumped off and ran to the first house but once she realized that she got a treat in her pumpkin she was all for trick or treating!!!

You never know how children will react in new environments and we were not sure if Bailey would be frigtened of the crowd and band at the party but much to our surprise she loved it!!!  When the trick or treating was done she danced the night away with the rest of the family and wasn't ready to leave when the time came.  I'm always amazed at how perfectly these children fit into the families that adopt them.  I have no doubt that our girls were hand picked by God for this family.  They love music and they love to dance just like the rest of the gang!

Here are a few photos from Halloween night.  Enjoy!!!

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Boo in her Halloween costume
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