Bailey's first Christmas with her forever family! · December 26, 2009

We attended Christmas Eve services on Thursday night and made it home in time to bake fresh cookies for Santa before bedtime.  The girls were so excited that I thought we'd never get them to go to bed BUT when we explained that Santa would not come until they were sound asleep they suddenly were all for going to bed.   Brea and Bailey slept good but Brooke and Baker had other ideas...they were up at 3, 4 6 and 7AM!  On their last trip into our bedroom to wake us up they brought reinforcements...the little girls!  There was no getting out of getting up at that point so we drug ourselves into the family room to see what Santa had left behind.

Brooke and Bailey were thrilled to see the scooters that they slow one for Brea and one fast one for Bailey...just as they requested.  The big kids were pleased with what Santa had left for them to...a netbook for Baker and a flat screen tv for Brooke.  It didn't take long before the family room was a wrapping paper wasteland with gift boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and bags from one end of the room to the other.  As soon as everything was unwrapped the assembly began...wheels had to be put on scooters, cables had to be connected and software had to be downloaded.  By noon the girls were zipping through the house on their scooters, Baker was glued to his new netbook and Brooke was watching a movie in her room without her little sisters climbing on her and begging to watch Little Bear. 

For some our day might sound a bit hectic, messy and loud but for us it was a perfect day.  We were together, everyone is well and our family is complete...perfect! 

Enjoy the photos!

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The kids on Christmas Eve before leaving for church
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