Back in full swing... · September 13, 2009

Fall is always a busy time of the year but this year it seems extra busy.  Brooke and Baker are back in school and loving it.  Brea started preschool last Tuesday and so far she likes it.  It is not NRCOC (her preschool in Raleigh) and she has reminded me of that several times but it is a wonderful school and it came very highly recommended to us from several people.  Brooke and Brea also started dancing again last week.  Brooke is taking tap, jazz, classical ballet and hip hop and Brea is taking ballet and tap.  Bailey doesn't know what to think...she watches from the window and then looks at me as if to say "what the heck are they doing in there".  Baker missed Fall baseball sign ups so he has to wait until spring to play baseball but basketball season is just around the corner so he is just enjoying the break for now. 

Brooke and Baker are rarely inside anymore.  The minute they finish their homework they are off and running with their of the benefits of buying in the same neighborhood!  I think they've put more miles on their bikes and scooters in one month here than they did in two years in Wake Forest.  Brooke attended her first middle school football game last week with her friends.  She had a ball but I was a bundle of nerves for an hour and a half until I could pick them up.  I was waiting at the entrance to the field to pick her and her friends up when the game was over and all the way home I was treated to girly giggles and lots of middle school gossip.  Brea misses her best friend Walker terribly.  She constantly tells me that she is ready to go home so she can play with Walker.  I really don't think she understands that we live here now.  It is heart breaking and if I were George Jetson I'd probably be in Wake Forest everyday just so we could see our friends.  Luckily she has two little friends down the street.  Victoria and Nadia lived across the street from us when we lived here last time and Brea plays really well with them. 

Tomorrow morning we will head off bright and early for Bailey's appointment with the pediatric cardiologist.  As you may remember...Bailey had been matched with three families before ours.  All three had backed out because they feared she would need surgical intervention for her heart.  We will know tomorrow if that is the case or if God has healed her little heart.  Please keep her in your prayers and I'll post an update when we make it home tomorrow.

Until are a few photos of life with four kids.  Enjoy!

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Miss Brea on her trike!
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