Mooncakes, Field Trip, Gun Battles and More! · October 09, 2009

It can never be said that the Wusterbarth household is not busy!   We celebrate not only American holidays but also Chinese holidays which means we just celebrated the mid autumn festival or moon festival.  Unfortunately we were not able to find a local celebration here in Baton Rouge but we created our own.  We had dinner at the local Chinese restaurant, ate mooncakes for dessert (we brought them back from China in September and made the kids wait a whole month to eat them...cruel but so worth the wait) and read the story of the lady on the moon and spent some time outside moon gazing.  Brea was very dissappointed that she was not able to see the lady dancing on the moon so we had to explain (for the 5th or 6th time in one day) that it is just a story!

Earlier this week Brea's preschool class went on a field trip to the local library.  It was Bailey's first time attending story time and I think she is going to be as big a fan of it as all three of our other children have been.  She didn't understand why she didn't get to wear a t-shirt like Brea and why she had to sit with mommy and not with her sister.  Brea made sure to tell her on the way to the library that she was not a big girl and that babies have to sit with their mommies. 

The girls are having a blast playing with each other and with their older siblings.  They love to paint nails and do all kinds of girly things with Brooke but when Baker is around the rough and tumble side of Bailey comes out!  She had a foster brother that was the same age as Baker and she talks about him often.  Even Brea is getting in on the action with her older brother.  You'll understand when you see the photos what I'm talking about!  Enjoy!

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Brea's preschool class at story time.
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