A wonderful surprise! · October 26, 2009

Can you imagine my surprise when I woke up to find two emails in my inbox from Bailey's foster family???  One was written in Chinese and the other was written in English...obviously translated from the other email using a computer program which means that it didn't make much sense!  I was able to determine from the email that they have been getting the emails that I have sent them with the photos of Bailey attached!  I also believe they tried to tell us that Bailey is a lively little girl..I must agree with that!  Here is the actual email:

欢颖.父母 哥哥 姐姐                   你们好
  你们发来的照片全收到了,看见她很开心快乐我们全家很高兴.说实话 她很会笑很活泼我们全家都很喜欢她 自从欢颖走后这三个月里全家都很想她,惦记她 不知道以后什么时候再见到她,看见你们发来的照片 我们心里都很激动,希望以后能经常发些照片来看着她慢慢的长大成人,也希望我们有时间经常发邮件联系,忠心祝福你们全家永远幸福健康,快乐每一天.

If anyone reading this is capable of reading mandarin, please translate this for us and email me!  I'd love to know what it actually means and not rely on the computer generated translation!  

These photos are priceless to us.  When children are abandoned and then adopted they simply have no history.  Many of them never know anything of their lives prior to being adopted.  Usually the earliest photo of a child is the referral photo taken when the child's file is sent to the China Center for Adoption Affairs to be matched with a family.  For Bailey that all changed when we received these emails.  She now has photos of herself as a baby and in her foster home in China.  We hope the link that we've established with the foster family will remain intact.  Someday when Bailey is older she will have questions about her beginnings as all adopted children do.  Wouldn't it be wonderful to someday be able to tell Bailey that we don't know who her birth parents are but we do know her foster family and they have watched her grow up through photos?

Here are the photos...enjoy!

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Bailey in her foster home in China
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