Happy Birthday Bailey Faith! · December 04, 2009

We celebrated Bailey's 3rd birthday on Tuesday, November 24th!  All day long I had been singing to her and telling her that we were going to have a birthday cake.  We even practiced blowing out the candles but when it was time she just covered her face and then asked Brea to blow them out for her.  Brea was more than happy to help.  The smile on her face when she saw her birthday cake was priceless!!!  She LOVES Ni Hao Kai Lin and could hardly wait for me to pull the decorations off so she could play with them!!!  Like most kids, Bailey learned to open presents in no time flat!  She played and laughed all evening long and woke up the next morning asking if it was her birthday again.

The night before Bailey's birthday we received a very special email from her foster mother wishing her a happy birthday.  She even attached a couple of photos from what we believe was Bailey's 2nd birthday.  I know without a doubt that Bailey was very well cared for and loved in her foster family but I am always amazed to see that she is not smiling in her photos taken there.I've read that the Chinese people do not like to show emotion so maybe she was discouraged from smiling in pictures.  Not any more!  When she sees the camera come out she puts on a big toothy grin and screams "CHEESE".  We hope to always have contact with her foster family.  I think it will be wonderful when she gets older to have someone from her past to ask questions.

Celebrating Bailey's 3rd birthday was bitter sweet.  It reminded us that she had two birthdays without us but we also know that she will never again have a birthday without her forever family.

I've had several emails and postings in the comment section about Brooke's arm.  I wish I could tell you something exciting but the truth is she fell during a game of frisbee  in PE class.  She was in a cast for four weeks but it came off this past Wednesday and she is now in a brace/splint.  She does fine as long as she has the brace on but as soon as it comes off she starts coplaining that it hurts.  The orthopedic said it is going to take a while to heal.  I am just thankful that it was norhting more serious AND that she can take this thing off to shower!!!

Enjoy the photos...

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Bailey's 3rd birthday cake
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