Happy Thanksgiving...a little late! · December 06, 2009

Thanksgiving was a busy week at our house.  We were blessed with visitors.  Danny's sister, brother in law and neice came in for a week from Northwest Arkansas and his dad and stepmom came in for Thanksgiving day from Mississippi.  Both of the little girls had been learning about Thanksgiving at school and Bailey is now obsessed with turkeys!!!  Every bird she sees is a turkey.  Chickens are turkeys, birds flying overhead are get the picture.  Brea on the other hand is obsessed with telling the story of the first Thanksgiving.  It goes something like this...

"The pilgrims came here in the Mayflower.  They got seasick.  The indians were already here.  They had to share and be nice.  They had a big feast called Thanksgiving and they ate jello and macaroni and cheese."

I tried a couple of times to explain that they probably didn't have jello but gave up when I realized how convinced she was about the fact that the indians and pilgrims ate jello at the first Thanksgiving. :0)

On a sweet note...we attended our church Thanksgiving feast the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  After dinner we had a brief worship service in the sanctuary.  Our worship leader asked if anyone wanted to share what they were thankful for and our associate pastor went around with the microphone.  Brea immediately raised her hand and she was one of the first that he came to.  In the sweetest, tiniest little voice she said "I'm thankful for my mommy".  Yep, you guessed it...I cried like a baby.  That one little sentence meant the world to me.  It was not coached or rehearsed.  It was simply from the heart. 

I have so many reasons to be husband and children, our health, Danny's job during this tough economic time in our country, the fact that I was born in the land of the free and raised in a Christan home and so much more but one thing shines above all others...the debt that has been paid for you and me.  All the material things are just that...things, and this body that we have here is just that...a body.  Without Christ we would have no hope for eternal life.  Thank you God for sending us your son.  Thank you Jesus for paying the price for our sins and thank you mom and dad for raising me in a home where I knew from an early age that Jesus loves me.  

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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