Star of Nanchang, Peoples Park and one step closer to home! · August 28, 2009

Today was our last day in Nanchang.  We got an early start and after breakfast we headed out to see the Star of Nanchang.  It is the 2nd largest ferris wheel in the world (Singapore has the largest).  We were told at the hotel that it opened at 8:30 AM and I was looking forward to seeing Nanchang from nearly 600 feet in the air but when we arrived it was closed.  I was dissappointed but I think Danny was a little relieved. 

Afterwards we had our driver take us back to the People's Park.  We were there the night before but it was to dark to get any photos.  We spent an hour or so walking around and feeding the fish but with the tempature rising quickly we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel to pack.

Our attorney spent the morning at the police station finalizing all the paperwork and getting Bailey's passport.  She is officially Bailey Faith Huanying Wusterbarth now!  At 3:30 our bus arrived to take us to the airport.  Bailey is not a fan of taxis or buses so we had a few tears but once we were settled inside and I pulled out my stash of secret weapons (lollipops and gummy bears) she calmed down and enjoyed the ride. 

Once at the airport Bailey became a chatter box!  She talks way to fast for me to understand what she is saying most of the time but our guide told me she was asking "what is that" as she pointed to this and that.  Once we were on the plane  and buckled in the waterworks started again.  She was so scared that not even a lollipop helped.  When the pilot started the engines and started to take off she showed us just how good her lungs are.  I'm sure that the people sitting around us thought we were rookie parents but there was nothing we could really do until we were in the air and the seatbelt sign was off.  Our flight was only one hour but the airline served a hot meal and it served as a nice distraction for Bailey.  The real problem arose when the flight attendant asked what we wanted to drink.  The choices were coffee, tea or water.  I ordered water for all three of us but Miss Bailey ordered herself a cup of tea!!!  This kid is a riot!!!  Once I realized what she had ordered I told her "Bu cha" or "No tea" she really started to wail!  The landing totally freaked her out (they fly like they drive here...a little crazy) but once we were off the place she was fine again. 

Guangzhou and The White Swan were a welcome sight!  Guangzhou is larger than Nanchang (9 million people compared to 4 million) and it has a more western feel.  We've checked in, pjs are on and Bailey is already fast asleep.  This is our final stop which means we are one step closer to HOME!  Tomorrow morning we will go for Bailey's visa medical exam.  She may need immunizations and we know she will get a TB skin test so I am not looking forward to that appointment.  On Monday we will go back to the medical clinic for them to read the skin test and then on Wednesday we have an appointment with the US Consulate for Bailey to become a citizen of the USA!  In between these appointments our attorney will be busy doing paperwork to make things go smoothly.   Please pray that her skin test is negative...otherwise she will need a chest xray.

On a funny note...The other day at the Tengwang Pavillion a woman approached me and asked if my name was Mary!  She recognized Brea from the Nanchang SWI when our friends Heidi and Jason delivered a care package to her back in February when they adopted their son Tai.  Tonight at baggage claim a woman came up to me and introduced herself.  She was carrying her beautiful daughter Mason that they just adopted.  She has been following our blog since we adopted Brea in 2006 and recognized us.  She said Baker really looks like his daddy!  Too funny!  We'll see you on the island Jennifer!  Why is this so funny to me?  We can't go anywhere at home without running into someone that Danny knows but when we come to CHINA I run into people that I "know".  Too funny!

Enjoy the photos from today.  I'm off to bed!

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