Update from Little Rock Children's Hospital
I finally have a chance to update you guys. I want to say thank you for all the prayers that are being said for our little peanut. God hears our prayers and I have a peace that He is holding her in His hands. A lady from the hospital walked in last night with a stack of 59 email messages for us. Many of whom I have never heard of. She said they had never had this many for one family in one day and had never seen so many messages of prayer! What an incredible feeling to know that so many believers are praying for Brea and our family.

Brea left BR by ambulance, flew from BR to LR in a jet and them came from the LR airport to the hospital in a helicopter on Sunday. Brea is still critical but stable. They keep using the word "fragile" to describe her condition because the slightest change can send her little heart into distress. She has received CPR twice and trust me, that is not something that anyone should ever have to see thier child go through. Her diagnosis has been changed from Cardio Myopathy to Myocarditius (sp?) which means inflamation of the heart due to infection. They still believe this is viral. She is still breathing on the ventilator, has a cath, central line, feeding tube and many other tubes and wires coming from her little body. She is having to be heavily sedated because she is such a FIGHTER and fights to stay awake when she wakes up. Last night she was awake for about two hours and she held my finger, reached for her Daddy, tried to kiss me, kicked her little legs and feet and rubbed my shirt while she drifted off to slepp (she does this at home every night). It was great to see her beautiful eyes again.

The doctors have told us to prepare to be here for weeks or possibly months. They have said that at this time she does not need to be on the list waiting for a heart (PRAISE GOD!) but they do have her in the ECMO (heart lung machine) CVICU (Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit) just in case. She COULD make a full recovery and go home with only a few drugs to maintain heart function. Only time will tell and that is why they are letting her rest and letting the machines do all the work for her. They want to give her little heart every chance to heal.

The Little Rock BCS office had a social worker come over today to see us. She was wonderful. It confirms in my mind that we made the right choice for an agancy when we chose to work with them to adopt Brea.

I wanted to share with you that we have had many "red threads" since this ordeal started. The doc who saw her in the ER (and did CPR on her) on Friday goes to our church and knew of us because of Brea but we had never met him. Her two cardiologist are both Christians! Many of the nurses have shared their faith with us and have told us that they are praying for her. Even the flight crew that brought her to LR told us to "Keep the faith"! Thank God for all the little reminders that He has sent us to let us know that He is with us. I believe with all my heart that Brea is going to have an amazing testimony to share one day with others.

Keep praying for her doctors, her nurses, the techs and therapist working with her and of course for her. Also, please pray for Brooke and Baker. It is hard for them to be 8 hours away from Mommy and Daddy and I think it is even harder for us to be away from them.

I will update again later if there is any news and if I have a chance.