Update-May 11, 2007 High BP, our little monkey and one cool chic! · May 11, 2007

Brea had her check up yesterday with her cardiologist here in Baton Rouge.  Her blood pressure is still high and they have increased her medication from 9mls three times per day to 12 mls three times per day.  She protested LOUDLY when the technician pricked her finger for a blood sample but did well with the nurses at the doctor's office.  Overall, she is doing great but the blood pressure really concerns me.  We will head out next week for Little Rock for her appointment there.  Please continue to pray for her little body to continue to accept her new heart and for Brea to stay well.  She loves to "taste" everything and it totally freaks me. 

I'm adding some new photos taken this week.  It seems our little princess now thinks she is a monkey!  She has learned to climb and is climbing on everything.  She has figured out that she can put a toy in front of the sofa and use it to get up on the sofa.  She loves to climb up the back of the sofa and drop things behind it.  She also has taken a liking to her sunglasses and feels the need to wear them when riding her little bike (in the house).  It is too cute.  Part of our daily ritual is going outside to see what new flowers have bloomed and Brea really looks forward to it.  I was "dead heading" some of the old blooms and I sat her in the grass next to me.  Before long she was doing a little work on the flowers too.  The last pictures are of her looking out the front window while waiting for her brother and sister to get home from school.  I wish I could capture the look on her face when she finally sees is priceless.  Enjoy the photos.

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Showing Brooke and Baker how to climb on the sofa
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