She has a name! · December 28, 2005

We have spent many hours trying to choose a name for our special little one and I think we are all finally in agreement.  Her name will be Breann Grace.  We will call her Brea.  Brooke and Baker chose the name Brea.  They felt that she needed a "B" name like theirs so she wouldn't feel left out or different.  The name Ann is my mother's middle name as well as my sister's middle name.  The name Grace was chosen  because it is by the Grace of God that Brea will find her way into our family.  We will also use part of her Chinese name as a second middle name. 

Each of our children have a family name.  Brooke's name is Brooke Ellen.  Ellen is Mary's middle name as well as Danny's mother's middle name.  The name Ellen has been in Mary's family for many generations.  Baker's name is John Baker.  John is Danny's middle name as well as Mary's father's middle name.  The name John has been in Danny's family for many generations.