Happy 4th of July! · July 06, 2009

Wow...I can't believe it is July already!  Where has the first half of 2009 gone???  Things have really been busy here at our house.  Danny accepted a new position with Carquest in Baton Rouge, LA and he has already started working there!  He is busy going back and forth from Raleigh to Baton Rouge and I am busy here with the kids and getting the house ready to go on the market.  The kids and I will head down to Baton Rouge soon to start our house hunt.  The kids want us to knock on the front door of our old house and offer to buy it back!  We have tried to explain that it just doesn't work that way.  We were thrilled to hear that Brea will be able to get care at the children's hospital in New Orleans!  She only goes quarterly to see the transplant team and if anything comes up in between we can see her pediatric cardiologist in Baton Rouge.  We have enjoyed our time here in Wake Forest and we have made many wonderful friends but we are excited to be going back to Baton Rouge.  We have missed our friends and church there and cannot wait to see everyone!!!

As if moving were not enough...we are VERY close to bringing Bailey home from China!  We are expecting our travel approval around the end of July and hoping to travel very shortly thereafter.  On a sad note...the US State Department has issued a warning to Americans traveling to China that you could be quarentined by the Chinese government for seven days if you are running a fever upon arriving in China OR if you are sitting withing five rows (on the largest planes) of a person with a fever.  They are also warning that if you bring your children with you they could be taken to quarentine without you which means we will not be taking the children with us.  We'll be sure to keep everyone posted when we have more details. 

Last but not least...Moving back to LA means leaving my family here in NC so we spent a long weekend in Charlotte with my sisters, brothers and mom.  It was very low key and we spent the weekend in the pool, cooking out and just enjoying each others company.  Here are a few pictures from our weekend together.  Enjoy!

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The kids hanging out in the hot tub!
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