Brea's two year heart anniversary! · April 01, 2009

Brea celebrated her two year anniversary with her new heart yesterday!  We spent the day playing outside with one of her little friends from ballet class and then we headed to Brooke's dance classes.  It was parents week and we got to go in and watch all three of Brooke's dance classes.  On Monday I got to watch Brea's dance classes and I must say, I was impressed!  Brea always enjoys parents week and when it was time for the dancer's families to join in Brea was the first one on the dance floor with her sister!!!  Afterwards we celebrated with dinner at the local Mexican restaurant and then had dessert at home (baked by Brooke).  It was a wonderful day and Brea was full of herself...just like a healthy three year old should be!

Enjoy the photos!

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Brea in tap class (Monday, 3/30/09)
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