4th Gotcha Day Anniversary and my little pumpkins · October 23, 2010
Last week we celebrated a very special day...Brea's 4th gotcha day anniversary.  It is hard to believe that she has been part of our family for four years now.  It is even harder to believe that she is the same tiny little baby that we were handed in China back on October 15, 2006.  She has grown and changed so much since that day and she has brought us so much joy and happiness.  She fills our home with laughter and our hearts with love.  Her smile can light up even the darkest room and her laughter is contagious!  She is truly a gift!  Thank you God for blessing us with this child. 

Yesterday Brea, Bailey and I visited the local pumpkin patch with Bailey's preschool class.  The girls examined every pumpkin in the patch, climbed on bales of hay and had to have their picture taken with each wooden cut out that they could find.  When it got too hot for them we packed up our pumpkins and headed for their favorite restaurant...McDonald's!  After a happy meal and lots of giggles we headed home.  We were barely out of the parking lot before Bailey fell asleep.  It seems that pumpkin patches, happy meals and warm sunshine is the perfect receipe for an early nap!  Enjoy the photos! 
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Bailey insisted on picking up the pumpkin herself. No help from mom needed...or so she thought!
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