October 19th · October 20, 2006

Patty Cake, patty cake!

As we wait for the babies passports from the Chinese government we continue to tour Shaanxi province.  Today we visited the Wild Goose Pagoda.  50 monks still live here and practice the Buddhist religion.  It was a strange feeling to watch visitors lighting candles and burning incense before going before the Buddha statue to pray.  The gardens were beautiful but it is hard to enjoy the beauty of nature in a place where a statue receives the glory for God's amazing work.

Afterwards we visited a government owned Jade factory.  We got a lesson in the colors and qualities of Jade and watched as workers cut, sculpted and polished jade pieces.  It was amazing to see the detailed pieces that had been made.  We purchased a beautiful Jade globe that will always remind us of our daughter's province.

Our little Brea continues to blossom more and more each day.  Today she learned how to play patty cake and also how to give five.  She loves to entertain us and make us laugh.  Just a few days ago we were handed a baby that could barely hold her head up and was far from sitting up.  She had poor coloring and just stared at us when we tried to play with her.  Now she is sitting up on her own.  She has beautiful coloring and is rolling over both ways.  She can stand with help and is even bouncing when standing.  She laughs constantly and smiles non stop!  It is as if a light switch has been flipped on and this little person has come to life right before our eyes.  Each new day holds new surprises for us and we are treasuring each moment we spend getting to know our new daughter.

Today was our last full day in Xian.  We will head for Guangzhou tomorrow after we pick up the passports from the local police department and the official adoption certificates and abandonment certificates from the local notary.  The adoption is now final in the eyes of the Chinese courts but we still have to go through Guangzhou and the formalities with the US Embassy in order to bring Brea back into the United States.  Once we land in Guangzhou we will be one more step closer to home and one more step closer to being a forever family of five! 

We miss you and love you Brooke and Baker!  We can't wait to see you and for you  to meet your new baby sister.  You are both going to love her...she is so funny and she is going to love the two of you!

Hugs and kisses from Xian!


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Wild Goose Pagoda (Temple) in Xian
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