More Photos...Brea's pool party and vacation · July 27, 2010
We celebrated Brea's 5th birthday with a pool party.  She wanted a Little Mermaid cake and swimsuit for the party and luckily Target had both!  It was a beautiful day out and we all enjoyed the pool, the company and the food.  There were many moments when I had to blink back tears of joy as I watched her playing in the pool.  She has come so far from that tiny baby that was handed to us in China 3.5 years ago and from that very sick little girl that desperately needed a new heart just 3 years ago.  She is now a thriving, healthy reminder of God's grace and the healing power of prayer.  Thank you, each and every one of you, who was part of the team of prayer warriors that prayed with us daily as she faught for her life.  You are near and dear to our hearts and we are forever grateful to you for standing in the gap and being the hands and feet of Christ in our most difficult times.

The last half of the photos on this page are from our vacation in Charlotte and Washington, DC. 

Enjoy the photos! 
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Brea and her sweet friend Kaylee
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