October 23rd - Orphanage Photos · October 23, 2006

Orphanage Photos

When we were matched with Brea we sent a small care package to her at the orphanage.  We included a baby safe photo album with pictures of her new mommy, daddy, brother, sister, house and bedroom as well as a little security blanket.  We also sent two disposable cameras and a letter in Chinese (thanks Jasmine!) asking the orphanage staff to take photos of her first home for us so we could someday share them with her.  We got the cameras back on Gotcha Day and had them developed.  They gave us a glimpse into her life there at Jiangzhang Social Welfare Institure and we are grateful for the nannies who took the time to take the photos for us. 

Here are a few of the photos from the two disposable camers.

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Brea in her crib at the orphanage...probably taken in 8/2006
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