Brea's Baptism - December 17, 2006 · December 18, 2006

Brea's Baptism

Our sweet baby girl was baptised yesterday at the 10:45 service at church.  When we arrived at church our pastor asked if we thought Brea would let him hold her during the baptism and I told him that I didn't think she would but we would see.  Well, much to our surprise she went to him and didn't even cry!  The ceremony was very sweet and when he walked her down the aisles to meet her church family she started waving at everyone.  We couldn't see her waving but we could hear all the "Awws" coming from the congregation and we could see everyone waving back to her. 

After church we had friends and family over for lunch.  Even though Brea is not eating table food she had a taste of the icing from her beautiful cake. 

We are so blessed to be part of such a loving church family.  Brea has been welcomed with open arms and I'm quite sure that more church members know her name than ours.  :0)

We were also blessed with family at the baptism.  Danny's sister Lori, her husband James and our neice Jamie came from Lowell, Arkansas and our neice Lacey came from Brookehaven, Mississippi with her son Dylan.  Lori and James are the Brea's Godparents so it was extra special that they could be here for the ceremony.

Here are a few pictures of Brea's special day.  Enjoy.

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Brea just before leaving for church
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