October 12th · October 12, 2006

Jetlag and Acrobats

It is Thursday night here in Beijing.  We are really feeling the jetlag now.  Our agency strongly suggest that families spend 3 or 4 days in Beijing touring to let their bodies adjust to China time before receiving their children.  I totally understand what they mean now and totally agree with their suggestion.  We are like zombies.  We are sleepy during the day and wide awake at 3:00 am.  I think by Friday or Saturday we will have adjusted.  Our guide says that it takes 3-5 days to adjust so just as we get adjusted we will be moving on to another city.

The weather here is beautiful but the air quality is the pits.  It looks like it could rain any moment but it is actually smog.  For those of us with allergies it is taking a toll on us.  I'm sure that Kleenex is a top seller for tourist here.  I went to the doctor on Monday before leaving and found out that my ears were infected.  I got two shots and started a Z-pack (antibiotics) but the trip and the air here are really doing a number on me.  We stopped in a Chinese pharmacy today and talked with a lady there who pulled asked if I wanted Chinese medicine or Western medicine.  I of course told her western medicine and she opened a glass case and pulled out a little brown bottle of liquid.  She gave me a measuring cup and told me to take 10 ml two times a day.  I told her that I was on antibiotics and she nodded and told me that I could take this with it.  I was reluctant but did as I was told and am starting to feel a bit better now. 

We went for a walk and met three students from the local university.  We were all headed to the same shopping district so we talked for several city blocks and they invited us to an art exhibit showcasing (and selling) their works.  We went and really enjoyed it.  They spent a lot of time telling us the meaning behind the paintings and calligraphy.  The things I learned are things that I will share with Brea when she is older about Chinese culture, beliefs and traditions.  We bought a beautiful calligraphy scroll with the characters meaning "Happy Family".  We will have it framed for our family room when we get home.  It was a realy treat to spend time with these college kids.  They eac expressed their desire to come to America and I was impressed with their knowledge of our geography and the specific details they knew about each state. 

Tonight our guide took us to an acrobat show.  It was amazing.  She told us that they start to train the acrobats when they are just 1-2 years old.  I'm going to post some photos from the show.  Brooke and Baker would have really enjoyed the show but they would not have enjoyed all the smoking in the auditorium.  Most of the men smoke here and it is allowed inside restaurants, theaters, hotels, grocery stores, etc.  There seem to be no rules about where you can and cannot smoke. 

Our guide also took us to the grocery store today.  It is so strange to look at a box of granola bars and see the sticker that says 24.00.  It of course means 24 Yuan which is equal to about 3.00 in our money.  We bought bottled water, diet cokes, Kleenex and snacks all for less than $15.00.  Some bills are for amounts less than 1 Yuan and that gets a little confusing.  For instance there is a 5 Yuan bill and a bill with a 5 on it that is worth 50 cents. 

This morning after breakfast we walked around some of the shops here in our hotel.  The Chinese ladies are amazed at how tall Danny is.  We keep laughing and Danny says (in his best Chinese accent of course) that they think King Kong has come to life.  The ladies here are so tiny and the men have such small frames.  I thought my family looked short at our wedding  standing next to Danny's family but these folks would look like ants standing next to them.

Brooke and Baker,  Mommy is having email troubles.  I got the emails that you sent to me but haven't been able to send any out.  We miss you but I am glad that you are having fun with Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott.  Have fun at dance today Brooke and Baker, work extra hard tonight at Choi Kwang Do since you'll be testing soon for your next belt.  I am so proud of both of you for being so brave.  Mommy and Daddy love you more than you'll ever know and in just 3 days you will have a new baby sister to love.  She is a lucky little girl to have a big sister who can teach her ballet, crocheting and cooking and a big brother who is an expert at Playstation 2 and Choi Kwang Do!  I'll be sure to tell her Baker that you have read her Children's Bible and are anxious to read it to her when she comes home.  You guys are the best and we love you more than you will ever know!  Hugs and kisses.

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