Update-Monday, 3/5/07 - Fever
The doctors were just in and Brea has developed a fever during the night. The reason this is such a big deal is that if she has a fever and a heart becomes available she will not be able to have surgery UNLESS she has had negative cultures and the surgeons feel good about going forward with the transplant. Please join me in praying for her fever to leave her little body as quickly as it appeared!

Brea's left lung has also collapsed. Her heart is so large that it has compressed the lung. They are keeping her on her right side to help take some of the weight and pressure off the lung but she still has few breath sounds on the left side. She will be receiving another transfusion later today and they will try to take her off the Epinephrene yet again by reducing her dose by half and then discontinuing it if all goes well with that.

I told someone earlier that it seems like we take two steps forward anttd then a step back but then there are those days when it seems we take two steps forward and then 10 steps back. I'm trying not to get discouraged by those days since I know that this entire situation is out of my hands and in His hands. He is the great physician and healer and miracles do happen everyday!

I also wanted to mention briefly that I am not able to email from here or access my Yahoo groups. I think the hospital must have some type security system on their internet access that prohibits visiting Yahoo groups or sending email. I am able to receive emails for some reason so it might just be operator error Confused . Please know that your words are so encouraging to me and I appreciate each and every one of your email messages.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Have a great day and never once take for granted those that you love.