Update-March 14th-The Devil Never Gives Up! · March 14, 2007
Brea is taking a nap for the first time today. She has played all morning because they decreased her Fentanyl (sedation) again today. It seems the decrease in the sedation drugs have also helped her work out her tummy issues and there have been more consistent "code browns" here in the ICU.:0)   They increased her Captopril (BP Med) and she is tolerating it well. The puffiness in her face has decreased a bit and she seems to be in good spirits and is playing a little in her crib. Now we wait for a healing or a heart! I know the timing will be perfect and He will hold her and comfort her while we wait.

If you ever think that the devil gives up after he has beaten you up for a while you better stop and rethink that! I once had a Sunday school teacher who said the the further you are FROM God the less the devil feels he has to visit with you. When you become a Christian and are attending church regularly the devil moves your name to his "Visit monthly" list. When you start to really rely on God the devil moves your name to his "Visit weekly" list but when you start to share God's word with others he moves you to his "Visit daily" list. I guess with the number of people that are hearing Brea's story and praying for her, the devil has decided to add another list called the "Visit Hourly" list and our names are at the top of it right now! I got a call today that Brooke (our 10 year old) was being taken to the ER by ambulance with abdominal pain. If you remember, Brooke had her appendix removed a few weeks ago so I was worried when I got the call that it might be something very serious but it turned out to be a serious case of "seperation anxiety". A promise from Daddy to bring her to see me calmed her down and she is now at the ER with Danny being observed for awhile. So, I have a news flash for Satan...he can visit me hourly but for every thing he throws at me, there will be another prayer warrior praying to help us get through it!

Keep praying everyone...the more he (the devil) throws at us, the more He rewards our faithfullness to him!

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Brea playing with the rainforest mobile...she loves the colorful parrot!
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