Dear Bailey... · August 02, 2009

Dear Bailey,

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since we first saw your little face in a photo emailed to us from our agency.  The past twelve months have been filled with filling out stacks and stacks of paperwork and waiting for government agencies to process the paperwork.  We are just one more piece of paperwork away from bringing you seems so close yet so far away.  Our agency thought for sure that we would get our travel approval last week but as of Friday afternoon there was no word from China and our agency simply had no news to share with us. 

Last night we attended a going away party given by our Sunday School class at Goodberry's.  As we were walking to the car Brea asked me to pick her up.  As I picked her up she pointed to the sky and said "make a wish mommy".  As I looked up into the night sky I saw the most beautiful moon that I think I've ever seen.  The glow seemed almost magical and I closed my eyes and made my wish.  Then it was Brea's turn and she closed her eyes to and made a wish of her own.  Even though our time zones are twelve hours apart it feels great to know that when you walk outside at night and look up, you are looking at the same moon that I see when I walk outside at night.  I know that wishing on a moon seems silly to some but to me it was a simply request letting God know that we are ready for you to be here with us.  We are ready to claim you as our own.  We want to be the ones to wipe your tears away, kiss your boo boos and calm your fears when you wake from a bad dream.  We have missed so many "firsts" with you but I know that there are many, many more to experience with you.  God's timing is always perfect and I know that the time will come only when He is ready for us to be united with you.  Until then we pray that He is preparing your heart for our arrival.  We pray that you are safe, happy and loved and we pray that you will sense just how much we love you long before we are able to show you. 

Good night sweet Bailey.  I pray that I will see you soon and that you will soon know the love of your forever family!