Major milestones! · September 07, 2009

Just two weeks ago we met Bailey in a hot civil affairs office in Nanchang, China.  As the days passed we learned so much about the little girl that we only knew from photos.  She had never been in a car, had never had a tub bath and had never had her teeth brushed.  As parents we choose our battles but these three things were things that we just could not work around.  It was so hot in Nanchang that a daily bath was the minimum.  Taxis, buses and airplanes were an everyday part of our time in China so that to was not something we could work around and Danny and I are both teeth freaks (he is the only person I have ever met who flosses at least twice a day!) so we just had to brush her little teeth!  There were many, many tears shed and I'm sure Bailey thought that baths and getting her teeth brushed were both some type of torture but last night that all changed!!!

As I started the bath water and began to undress Bailey she began to cry.  She knew it was bath time and she was not happy!  Brea climbed into the tub first and I put Bailey in kicking and screaming.  Brea started to play with a little bath toy and soon after Bailey decided that bath time wasn't so bad afterall!  As a matter of fact, when it was time to get out she wanted no part of it!  Once I did get her out and dressed for bed I showed her the new toothbrush that I found with blinking lights.  Brea started brushing and soon afterwards Miss Bailey was brushing too.  She even let me brush her teeth for her which up until last night had been a MAJOR battle just to get her to open her mouth and let us put the toothbrush in! 

Here are a few photos.  Enjoy!

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