Pictures, pictures, pictures! · April 11, 2011
With four kids the "To Do" list is always longer than the hours in the day so I rarely have time any more to sit and wait for pictures to upload.  This morning the girls are occupied with The Wonder Pets show so I thought I'd take a minute and share some photos with you.  Enjoy! 
Brea is learning to play the piano! This is her with her teacher Katie.
It always amazes me that a ladybug can keep the girls busy for hours!
Brea at Bailey at Fernando's watching Soul Shine!
Baker's opening game for the Spring 2011 season....they won!
Brea celebrating Chinese New Year with her class.
The girls with Soul Shine. They guys play in our worship band at church.
My girls!
Brea and Bailey taking a bike ride with their neighborhood buddies.
Breas new obsession...climbing trees. Not to worry...I never let her get any higher than this. I want to be able to reach her if she gets in trouble without me having to climb the tree too. :0)
Bailey's class celebrating Chinese New Year!
Two pretty girls, dressed and ready for church.
Brooke and Baker, dressed and ready for the state capital Youth Legislature Day.
Just a swingin'!
Spring means the sandbox is back in business!
Filling the bird feeder in our backyard.
Our beautiful niece Heather and Brooke. Please keep praying for Heather. She is still battling Hodgkins Lymphoma.
Two silly girls at Jump City!
Me and my little Brea.
The girls with their cousin Patrick!
Sunday afternoons are a perfect time for sidewalk chalk and a boat load of family fun!